X-Mini Speaker

The XMI X-Mini Speaker is a small speaker that works with most electronic devices, including your phone, iPod, iPad, iPhone, PSP, Nintendo DS, CD player and computer.

X-Mini Speaker

Daisy chain the X-Mini Speakers together

To put it simply, they’re awesome.  The X-Mini Speaker is able to deliver sound that will blow you away.  It goes astonishingly loud for such a small device, without losing any sound quality.

The X-Mini iPod Speakers have astonishing battery life, lasting up to 12 hours.  So whether you’ve got a house party, you’re down at the beach, or you’ve gone camping, they won’t lose power.

Now with 40mm drivers, the X-Mini has the best sound quality around, delivering amazing high and superb sound quality all round.  You really need to hear it to truly appreciate it.

The X-Mini Speakers come with the new BXS (Bass Xpansion System) to make them sound louder and pump harder.  Expanded BXS drives a fuller and richer sound experience.

Best of all, they daisy chain.  Link as many speakers up together as you want, and they’ll all play the same sound at the same volume to maintain awesome sound levels and quality.  You can have REAL surround sound with multiple speakers surrounding you and your friends at the beach.  If everyone has one you can all link them together and set off some sounds.  If you’re having that big house party why not plug 5 or 6 together around the room to impress the guests.